Work From Home Jobs in Kenya

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We have come to live a modernized world where you can make extra income at the comfort of your home. It is not needed that you report to the office or even show up physically for you to earn.

If you are looking to make extra income at the comfort of your home, this is possible since there is a growth in work from home jobs that are suitable to both the students and professionals who either want to make an extra income or even as a full time job.

This jobs require very minimum setup as compared to any other, most of them just need access to the internet and a computer.

There are several of work from home jobs posted online where before proceeding one needs to be careful due to scam that have also increased in the country. This is how you can know a job is a scam.

Putting the list together here is a list of work from home jobs to explore.

Social Media Management

If one is a social media junky having an interest in creating content, companies are looking for you. This is one of the common jobs that one can work from home since it only requires you to have the computer l, internet and most commonly the skills to create creative content so that brands can engage with there audience.
To apply you need to source for the openings, create a good portfolio then do the application’s and you are good to go.

Day and Night Child Care

If you are good with children, this is a venture that one can take to earn some extra cash when you have the available time. As people to be busy, they struggle alot for places or who to leave there young children with, this services are of high demand and well rewarding.

Graphic Designer.

This skill is highly on demand due to visual appealing need by the brands. Most of the graphic designers tend to work from home and paid per assignment, the good thing with this skill is that it does not cost much for you to learn it, it can be self-taught or even a short term cost. You can advertise your skills online to get clients.

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Website Developers.

A company having an online presence is essential thus they need someone who has concrete knowledge when it comes to building their website. This kind of service be a short term service, work from home is essential and needed. If you possess these skills you might want to source clients.

Online Tutor

If you have specific knowledge in certain areas and not jealous of sharing, you can make some good money from home by Sharing with People around the world through online platforms, the skills might either be in a particular subject or language.

Virtual assistant.

If you are organized and disciplined this can be a good venture, most people don’t feel the need of hiring an office assistant when you can do this from home, they include data entry, replying emails, phone call and even maintain a calendar.

Data Entry.

If you have an eye for detail, this might be a perfect job for you to work from home. There are a couple of business in need of this kind of services. This role involves inputting records, talling numbers and more. This does not need physical appearance in the office but only access to a computer and a communications channel.


If you are a keyboard warrior, then this might fit you, there are so many opportunities in this. Where you can be a transcription writer, transcribing audio to written format, this requires very little experience and expertise, while writing opportunities can never be underestimated, they vary from your interest you either be a blogger, freelance writer, content creator and even more.

Travel agent.

This one is an underestimated opportunity, if you are good in organising having a passion too travel, you can facilitate bookings, prepare itinerary for clients who are not available to do this by themselves. Most of this individuals seek someone who can make there travel a Hustle free when venturing a new place.

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Website Tester

In other words, this is a website reviewer, you are tasked with the duties of visiting a website and giving feedback on it in terms of navigation and ease of access.


If you have an eye for fashion, been a stylist is one of the jobs to have a look at and easy to work from home. One can become a stylist for online platforms or even individuals.


As previously highlighted on the opportunities that come with writing editing is one, if you have a passion and a good command of English, you might need to proofread other individuals work to make sure they have the right content.


There are individuals who would want to know thoughts and even analyse situations. If you are willing to answer this kind of questions there are online sites that are willing and ready to pick you up.


If you are good in more than one language. You can easily become a translator from the comfort of your home, most foreign companies seek individuals to do a translation of there works.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the best online typing jobs in Kenya that pays via Mpesa. However, this kind of writing involves a lot of time and research and pays way better than article writing. You just need to look for a reliable contact person to write for, and you are good to go.

Creating how-to videos

Basically, everyone knows how to do something, and this can be quickly be transformed into income. Posting this kind of videos on YouTube will earn you approximately $1 – $2 for every 1,000 hits.

There is a wide range of opportunities that can make one from home, however before venturing it is advisable that you do comprehensive research about the company to avoid fraud that has increased.

For a start, there are sites that genuinely connect skilled people with the potential organization. Have a look at


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