Willy Paul comments on his “Lamba Nyonyo” hit


Willy paul has commented on his new jam that has brought alot of contrivancy online.

In a statement, willy Paul has stated that everybody is entitled to there opinions and he is answerable to no one.

“I don’t think I should comment on everything that gets said about me. Besides people are entitled to their opinions,” he said.

The song questioned the commitment of willy paul to the gospel.

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Recently Muthoni Drama Queen stated the the singer is tallented but should consider dropping his gospel funs and getting some tattoos.

People are entitled to their opinions – Willy Paul (Instagram)

The “Lamba Nyonyo” hit maker went on to add that there is more to the song than meets the ear.

This clearly shows that he is concerned on the peoples talk. On twitter the song saw a heavy opposition.

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“But sometimes it’s good for people to take their time and find the motive of something before they comment. I don’t think you have heard the end of that song. There is a lot more to come,” he explained.

Willy Paul and Nandy performing at KICC (Instagram)

The singer revealed that he is neither Gospel nor secular he is just an artiste expressing himself creatively.


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