While many people run to get antiviruses apps on their devices for protection, it might turn up differently that the Antiviruses are the viruses and they might tend to harm your machine, says a new report by the Austrian antivirus testing company.

Following the report that was researched using the most common apps on Android it stated that a large number of them are ineffective and fully unreliable.

The company analyzed 250 antiviruses and only 80 of them could detect 30 percent of viruses in a device while most of them gave a false alert on the viruses.  

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According to the report the company used 138 providers when it comes to antivirus, this included, AVG, Avast, Cheetah Mobile, Google Play Protect and More.

It is essential to make comprehensive research when it comes to looking for the antiviruses online not to get the virus itself.  Free Antivirus online tent to harm machines seriously in comparison with actual virus


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