With the current economy in Kenya, the job market has never been more competitive that it is today.

To put things into perspective, an average job posting gets over 300 applications, this is not only from the desperate job seekers but also individuals who are always looking for a new place to venture.

According to statistics from the United Nations Development Programme Kenya’s unemployment rate is estimated to stand at 26.2%, A few days KEBs released a report stating that the economy had improved, however people have preferred blue collar jobs over white collar jobs. This is not only because of the disappointments in the white collar jobs but also the instability it has. The sector has over time been changing drastically, starting from the recruitment process to the way of presentation.

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Something very interesting is that, the usual thought about one sticking to your CV might be a disadvantage in the coming years. This is why.

Cvs were used only for formalities and not a guarantee you will get a position on how the CV looks. They were only used to know about you and your previous roles and maybe what you have done over a couple of years in your career. This is only a summary of your experiences and works as a leeway to get you an interview.

Different individuals have come up with tactics of passing this step by pulling a group of professionals to write decent looking CVs but with this era, employers are interested with only what you can do and not what is written.

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Jobseekers need to familiarize themselves with the right skills that go beyond the paper, this are things that are offered by life lessons and not the JD as always, this is essential since it offers one skills needed in all sectors both white collar and blue collar.

The most common mistake is that graduates tend to wait for employment, however, it is not the right thing since the end game should look beyond the paper and employment.

It is essential to try out different skills and courses that come freely in life, making you a jack of all trade.


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