Why Switch TV host quit Job barely a year after starting
Why Switch TV host quit Job barely a year after starting

Switch Tv has lost one of the presenters that recently joined the media house, Nzula Makosi who hosts Chat-spot on Switch TV, has quit barely a year after starting the job.

Kenyan Times has established that the exit might have been out of bad blood in the company, however, taking to social media, Makosi said that she has resigned to focus on personal projects.

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“So this week is my last on #ChatSpot. I have been trying to find the right words for this post for the past month but there’s no easy way to say this… It’s time for me to move on with other projects that need my undivided attention.

“Thank you for the love and support you’ve given me so far…. So now let’s make the best out of the remaining days”she said.

Before joining Switch TV, she worked with Milele FM where she hosted Milele FM Drive Show alongside comedian Cleophas Awinja aka Otoyo. Nzula said that she had to leave because the project she’s working on will be very demanding

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