Why Over Qualified Individuals End Up With No Jobs
Why Over Qualified Individuals End Up With No Jobs

One may have the right skills and the experience to give you a job, however, it is not a guarantee for an organization to consider you for the position. There are factors that need to be considered in order to put you ahead of other applicants. Below are the major mistakes that the management level job seekers make. ?


It is noted that you have the relevant experience for the position and you perfectly match to fit them, however smaller issues like overconfidence can stop you from getting the chance making you look cocky and as turn off. Most employers mistake this as arrogance rather than been aggressive in work. It is always advisable to always be humble even in the highest situation to brag.  

You are not leveraging on your networks

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Most of the experienced individuals tend not to use their contacts to the maximum, this is either because they tend to be proud to enquire about open positions in the organisations. This is an opportunity for you to ask recommendations from the contacts.

Always be open about your position and what you currently need.

Understating your accomplishments

Understanding your accomplishments is a key factor to assist you in a job interview. Experienced individuals tend to expect you know them and what they have achieved for the brand. Always highlight them in your CV and back them up with relevant evidence when in an interview, do not expect people know you.

Lack of online experience

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Not being an active social media contributor limits your chances of landing that mid-level job. You can build your professional brand online by sharing content about your industry, which will increase your chance of being noticed. Also, make sure that you update the information on your online accounts to reflect your current employer, job, and even work accomplishments.


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