WhatsApp and TikTok Records the Most Downloaded Apps Globally in Q1 2019


WhatsApp has been recorded as the most downloaded app in Q1 of 2019 worldwide by the Sensor Tower. The app so far has made more than 223 million new installs on iOS. TikTok having the most downloaded app on the App Store, having more than 33 million installs where it has maintained the spot for over 5 quarters in a row.

Starting with the overall download numbers for Q1 2019 that includes all platforms, the report says that the top five apps manage to retain their rankings from Q4 2018. WhatsApp came in first with more than 223 million installs, and Facebook Messenger came in second with close to 209 million installs. TikTok comes in third, followed by Facebook and Instagram. This means four out five world’s most downloaded apps in Q1 2019 are owned by Facebook.

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Video editing app Biugo and photo editing app PicsArt entered the top 20 apps worldwide for the first time in Q1. Sensor Tower notes that this is because first-time users in India helped both apps achieve new install highs in the quarter. The top 20 list also includes apps like ShareIt, YouTube, Like Video, Netflix, Snapchat, Spotify, Hotstar, Uber, Twitter, and Amazon.

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