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Moses Kuria was born in 1971. He is a Kenyan politician and a Member of Parliament for Gatundu South constituency,Kiambu county. He is a member of The National Alliance and a coalition member of Jubilee Alliance.

Moses Kuria won the Gatundu by an election without an election. The unprecedented decision was made following the withdrawal of the only challenger, Joachim Kamere, of the New Democrats Party.

Gatundu South’s new MP Moses Kuria is like a double-edged sword. He cuts from both sides. In both Jubilee and Cord coalitions, he evokes mixed emotions. To Cord leader Raila Odinga’s loyalists, he is a tribal chauvinist, a loose cannon and an irritant. To President Kenyatta’s Jubilee sympathizers, he is a defender of the “tribe” and a retaliatory asset to whatever is hurled at Mr. Kenyatta.

Indecorum terms, he would pass as “below average’, if you ask decent, intellectual figures. In boardrooms, he likes meetings short. If hitting out at something or someone, he goes directly for the jugular—no room for innuendos. In short, you get to know exactly what he is saying.

Moses Kuria Age

Kuria was born in 1971. He is 48 years old as of 2019.

Moses Kuria Family

Moses Kuria is the fifth born in a family of nine children.

Moses Kuria Marriage | Children

He married Joyce Njambi while in Saudi Arabia and together they have two sons. Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, introduced his lovely family to the world for the first time ever. Kuria shared a selfie of himself with his wife and two sons.

Moses Kuria Education Background

  • Ended 1993: Undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Commerce
  • Ended 1987: Secondary school student at Ituru Secondary School
  • Ended 1983: Primary school student at Githuya primary school.

Moses Kuria Photo

Moses Kuria Photo
Moses Kuria Photo

Moses Kuria Political Positions

  • From 2014: Member of Parliament of Gatundu South constituency.
  • 2013- 2014: Officer in charge of strategy for The National Alliance (TNA)
  • 2007: Director of Programs and Spokesperson of Party of National Unity (PNU)
  • Treasurer of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) at the University of Nairobi
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Moses Kuria Political Career

An admirer of former President Kibaki, Kuria would return to Kenya from Dubai in 2007 just to help “my good capitalist role model”.

“I liked Kibaki’s economic philosophy. In Dubai, I would read how besieged he was and I thought, even if he was to lose, he should never lose to a socialist,” he says and breaks into mirthless laughter.

He joined the Kibaki team through Mr. Kenyatta’s Kanu party. For five years, Moses Kuria and another team of backroom political wheeler-dealers would plot Kibaki’s succession game plan with Mr. Kenyatta in mind.

In fact, he was key in plotting for massive registration of voters in Mr. Kenyatta’s strongholds knowing when the full list came out, it would be difficult for Mr. Kenyatta to play second fiddle to anyone.

“Our foresight was that politicians would make noise and when voter registration was closed, they would realize they had no real numbers eligible to vote. That is how Jubilee’s ‘tyranny of numbers’ was born,” reveals Mr. Moses Kuria.

So, is he a tribalist? “Ha ha ha. To Cord, I can’t be anything else. I talk about what they do not want to hear. It doesn’t bother me,” he says. He agrees that his statements have been taken offensively but puts a rider.

“What I say is the truth that many people talk in hushed tones. The only problem is that for me, I say it in broad daylight,” he defends himself.

Moses Kuria Career

After a short stint, he sought a job at Family Finance and Building Society but would disagree with the owner, Mr. Titus Muya, after only four days over money. “During the six-month probation, I was to be paid Sh8,000 and after confirmation, he would pay me Sh6,000. I did not see any sense,” says Moses Kuria. That is how he landed at Standard Chartered Bank in 1995.

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After seven years, his former boss at Standard Chartered, Mr. Chris Wingfield, had moved to Al Rajhi, the largest Islamic bank in the world.

“I got a call from Mr. Wingfield in 2002 and said he wanted me in Saudi Arabia. Apart from good perks, I also met my wife Joyce Njambi there,” he says.

Moses Kuria Job History

  • Ended 2007: Chief Operating Officer at Wamad Information Services in Dubai
  • 1999: Manager of business process re-engineering at  Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia
  • 1995: Head of business process re-engineering, Africa at Standard Chartered Bank
  • 1994: Auditor at Family Finance and Building Society

Moses Kuria Committee Membership

Started 2014: Member of Departmental Committee on Energy, Communications, and Information

Moses Kuria and Muthama forgive each other

Moses Kuria who is the MP for Gatundu South and Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has publicly forgiven each other. The two, while shaking each other’s hand, said they had resolved to put their differences aside and concentrate on serving people. Muthama said he had consulted with his lawyers to write and demand their names to be expunged from the criminal records.

The two spoke to the media during a lunch break at the court.

“I want everyone to know that any word attributed by Kuria against me and Senator Orengo is now regarded as history,” Muthama said.

Muthama and Moses Kuria were among a group of eight MPs charged at Milimani law court over hate remarks.


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