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Ken Okoth (Kenneth Odhiambo Okoth) was a Kenyan member of Parliament (MP) representing Kibra constituency in Nairobicounty. Kibra is the largest informal settlement on the African continent. He was re-elected for a second term in the 2017 general elections.

He was a member of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and a coalition member of the National Super Alliance (NASA) that is headed by Raila Odinga.

Ken Okoth was known for not voting for the controversial VAT bill which he says he made it in his sober mind and has no apologies to make over it. He is also known as a controversial member of parliament. He has been very vocal in the push for the legalization of marijuana in the country. He often describes himself as an educator and humanist.

Ken Okoth Age

Ken Okoth was born in 1978. He is currently 41 years old as of 2019.

Ken Okoth Family

Ken Okoth was born and raised in Kibera’s Kisumu Dogo area. He, together with his other 5 siblings were raised by a single mum Angelina. This was after their father abandoned the family when he was very young. He is the fourth born in a family of six children.

Ken Okoth Wife

Ken Okoth is married to a European wife. Not so much is known about her though.

Ken Okoth Photo
Ken Okoth Photo

Ken Okoth Education Background.

Fronted by all odds, Ken Okoth never for a second thought of giving up. His dreams were rekindled when Raila, visited them at Olympics pryimary school in Kibra. He had just emerged from years in detention and won the Langata parliamentary seat without the assistance of his famous father. The inspiration kindled a fire in him and that burns to this day.

He scored a massive 613/700 in his KCPE examinations to join Starehe Boys’ Centre and the rest was history. He first slep[t on a bed in Starehe a situation he says changed him completely. He did his undergraduate Studies at St. Lawrence University, USA, -German and European Studies. He has a masters in International Relations degree from Georgetown University.

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Ken Okoth Illness Cancer

Just when Okoth’s hard work and determination were boring fruits at the prime of his age, 40, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is when cancer develops from both the colon and rectum. Away from the glare of the fast-paced public life, Okoth is putting a brave face as he battles the tough few letter illness. He however reassured Kenyans that he is doing everything possible to fight the disease.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation early 2019, he said, “I was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver,” For over a year, he presented symptoms of ulcers, at times bacterial infections and that is what he was being treated for. He was even put on drugs to manage stress. Okoth says that all that time, he was battling abdominal pain and weight loss.

He was being treated for the wrong disease before his doctor finally asked him to take an advanced scan. It was already too late and that’s when his life turned around. “The fear of the unknown that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is immense. Cancer changes your life completely,” he says.

In 2018, Ken Okoth was put on vigorous treatment that involved combined radio- and chemotherapy to avert the impending risk of organ failure. Though he responded well, that was just the beginning of his long-term treatment. “I will be using chemotherapy tablets that I can take every morning. Because my disease was discovered at a very advanced stage; it cannot be cured. It can only be managed,” he said on February, 2019.

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“I could not afford the US because it was too expensive. My wife is from Europe, where the cost is more affordable and I could get a residence permit quickly for the duration of the treatment. Sadly, not everyone is as lucky; we need to make cancer care in Kenya a national priority,” Ken Okoth said

Ken Okoth Job History

The current member of Parliament for Kibra constituency did not just wake up to a silver plate. Odds were so high on his side that he had to do anything possible to sustain himself and help his mother in making a living. He has done so many odd jobs including being a night guard of Goethe Cultural Institute. He has also ever been a receptionist at Masava Hospital.

Ken Okoth has also been a watchman at the Maendeleo ya Wanawake House premises. He was a volunteer at The Nation and at one time was a newspaper peddler. It is not doubting that for a man who has risen to the position of a member of parliament and a founder of Kibera Foundation, giving up is an alien name in his dictionary.

Ken Okoth Political Positions

Current Political Positions

  • 8th August 2017- to date: Member of parliament for Kibra Constituency.
  • From 10th March 2013: Member of Parliament for Kibra Constituency
  • From 16th February 2013: Coalition Member of Coalition for Reforms & Democracy
  • From 15th February 2013: Member of Orange Democratic Movement

Previous Political Positions

From 15th February 2013 – 4th March 2013: Aspirant Member of Parliament for Kibra Constituency

Ken Okoth Committee Membership

From 2013: Member of Departmental Committee on Education, Research And Technology


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