John De Mathew is a Kenyan musician singing in Kikuyu. His song ‘ Njata Yakwa,” Menye Menye’ and many more are popularly renowned for him.

He began his musical career with the single’ My Dear Nduku’ and for about 30 years now has been composing and creating hit after hit.

De’Mathew used to hawk tomatoes at the Korogocho market in Nairobi in the early 1980s before he went into the music industry.

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The hitmaker ‘ Nengereria Kane ‘ attributes his achievement to his fellow iconic artists Timona Mburu and Joseph Wamumbe, whom he lauds to guide in his rise to the standard.

Today the musician has circumbed after a fatal road accident in Thika road.

John De Mathew Songs

  • Nii Wacokera?
  • Menye Menye
  • Jogoo Ya Town
  • Thii Biu
  • Property
  • Nikii Wacokera
  • Nyina wa Carol
  • Simama Mama
  • Niwanyumire Thayu
  • Wituite Hiti
  • My Brother
  • Mwihuguro
  • Mene Mene Tekeli
  • Njata Yakwa
  • Mary
  • Niundukaniirie
  • Mami Ke Nguinire
  • Ruhiu Rwa Guka
  • Chiunguyu Iria Nene
  • Ngucokia Ngatho
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