What to do when unemployed


Unemployment has become immense in the 20th Century. With arising trends in job markets and changes with the economy, it has become difficult to secure a job. It is within this period of unemployment one may get demotivated and lose focus in their career. Don’t let job search make you feel inferior, find motivation in areas that can help you advance your skills. While staying motivated during the job hunt is key,  here are a few points you can consider to stay on point:

Look for opportunities to volunteer
During a job search, volunteer work is one of the key things you may need to consider and add to your resume. It does not only keep you busy but also helps in networking. During this process, you end up learning and building your skills which may be ideal for landing you a new job.

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Rejection is a part of the journey keep going
Unsuccessful countless job applications are soul-crushing. One gets frustrated especially when no response is given back. This should not pin you down and make you feel inferior. Each time you get rejected, go back and figure it out, maybe it’s your resume, job experience or cover letter.
Sit back, sharpen your arrows and go back hunting.

Find professional events to attend
Professional events are made for networking and its ideal for your career or business growth.  It is in these events one is able to build their confidence and share what they stand for. You may not speak to many professionals in each event but what about finding a like-minded person to sharpen your wits. Don’t be shy, ask for business cards, make a connection and express your interests. 

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Find other interests to address your employment gap
During a job search, most people tend to stay idle which is wrong. Idleness draws self-pity, may lead to depression or land you in bad behaviors like drug abuse. It is therefore advisable to find your other interests that may address your employment gap.

Find a mentor
Finding a mentor is of great help to help in reaching your career goal. They provide professional socialization and personal support to facilitate one’s success.  Through this commitment, you are able to build professional skills, eye out your personal life challenges and learn how to overcome them.


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