This is an interesting thing to think about, what do people see in your CV just at the first glance, how does it look and how do employers think about you when they first see your CV?

When making an application, the main aim is to stand out amongst all the other applicants, but how do you do this, you have to understand how the recruiters mind work and what exactly they look for the first time they have a look at your CV.

Below are the areas they pay attention to and might give or deny you a job immediately and will help you in your growth.

Appearance Structure and CV format.

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This is the first thing that hits the eyes, how you have structured your CV and how it appeals to the eyes.

This mght not be a priority since the recruiter might decide to ignore this but no matter the fact you have to make it attractive in any ways possible, how do you do this?

Use a good and a presentable font, highlight titles, no spelling mistakes or any other use attractive format.

Your Identity

There is a reason that the contact details are always on top, your name, location, age, and your contact details. This might be your gate pass, employers tend to look at where someone comes from and if the region is closer to the work place, always have this information as clear as possible and easily accessible.

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Goals and Objectives

This might be something not common but essential. Most of the jobseekers tend to ignore this part, actually this is what answers what you want with your life, if it is poorly drafted then there is no need for the recruiter to have you onboard.

Previous work environment.

This might be common and most people think it is the first thing employers look for, but it is wrong. Your previous employment shows how relevant you are in the advertised position and how well you can execute the duties.


This comes last after checking out your qualifications, been in an institution tends to give you an upper hand.  


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