What Ken Okoth wrote on Facebook as his 2019 resolutions. Ann Thumbi not included


“Never Give Up! Kibra Member of Parliament, Educator, Humanist, Cancer Warrior, Builder.”

These are the words that the late Ken Okoth used to describe himself on Twitter.

His life epitomised the very same words that he decided would characterise his life’s journey.

Facebook posts reveal an even more astute character: below are the 7 things that Okoth wanted to achieve in 2019:

1. #Being: Rest some more, speak less, listen more. Be kind to all.
2. #Travel: At least five countries I have never been to in the Americas (or parts of the USA and Canada), Europe, Asia, Africa, and Pacific.
3. #Legislation: Pass a major law and/or major amendments that affect welfare of ordinary citizens.
4. #Health: Eat carefully, exercise adequately, meditate and pray regularly.
5. #Finances: Save and make some investments.
6: #Learning: Read at least two books per month. Take French language lessons.
7. #BigDream: Plan for the opening of a specialised selective preparatory academy for talented high-potential boys and girls in Kibra classes 5 to 8 in 2020.
Those are my resolutions. What do you think?”

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