West Africa technology giant Vatebra Limited officially enters the Kenyan market
West Africa technology giant Vatebra Limited officially enters the Kenyan market

West Africa giant technology Vatebra Limited has officially entered into the Kenyan market in a move geared at offering extension software solutions. This also seeks to help business owners fasten the delivery of innovations not only in Kenya but across the East Africa region.

According to a survey by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), more than 400,000 micro, small and medium (MSMEs) collapsed within their first year and thus do not celebrate their first anniversary, for instance, in 2016 alone, over two million MSMEs exited the market with less than a year in the industry due to loss-making.

Innovative solutions in the public sector offer significant improvements to the administration and service delivery as well as draw definitions adopted for the business sector and their adaptation in the public innovation.

Speaking during the official launch in Nairobi, Vatebra Group Head, and Enterprise Business Solutions for Nigeria Tony Ayoko said the Kenyan office would be used as the heart of East Africa businesses where software development and management consulting would be done.

He said business owners, companies and the entire business community would maximize their profits and reduce input if they take it positively.

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Launched in April 2019 at a Nairobi Hotel, Ayoko said the firm would focus on the use of technology to improve social- economic solutions such as in health and politics.

“We have integrated health data collected, processed and reported into one simple product called the Health Management Information System (HMIS) geared at improving health conditions at all levels,” he said.

According to the government of Kenya vision 2030, it recognizes innovation as one of the major drivers of productivity, inclusive economic growth, and job creation. An integrated approach is needed to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Another area where Vatebra will focus is the E-voting portal, a package that would solve the ever-arising election the violence witnessed in Kenya after every election process whether in government or in other bodies.

“It is a perfect solution for legitimate elections be it for association voting, school voting, organizational voting or state voting,” he added.

Vatebra which started in 2003 strictly to bridge the gap in the provision of competent and dependable Software Solution in Nigeria has expanded beyond West Africa to other countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and now Kenya.

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Matthew Omoaka, the Business Manager Africa Markets said the solutions provided will improve lives both financially and in the medical subsector.

“We know that with the solutions we provide lives are going to be improved either in the financial services industry or in the medical subsector”.

The Tech Hub since its launch in West Africa in the year 2003 has enhanced education portal solutions such as in e-learning solutions, examination registration portals, result verification portals and computer-based test solutions among others.

Its entry into the Kenyan markets comes at a time business are collapsing within their first year of setting.

However, Vatebra which has a presence across the continent aims at helping the business community reduce input costs and maximize output costs thus making profits.

In 2018, Vatebra was voted the ‘Tech Company of the Year’ for the third consecutive time at the 4tg edition of the Nigeria Technology Awards held in Lagos in December 2018.


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