University Students Calls on Government to Waive Rent and Fee For Students
University Students Calls on Government to Waive Rent and Fee For Students

The Kenya Universities Students’ Organization (KUSO) is now calling on the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha to waive rent and fee to all university students.

In a three-letter page to the CS signed by KUSO President Anthony Manyara on Friday, June 19, expressed dissatisfaction in the manner in which students are being coerced to pay rent by some landlords and hostel fee by some institutions’ management systems.

Manyara said just like anyone, the majority of parents have been hit hard due to the harsh economic times caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“It is so unfair that inconsiderate landlords are still coercing students to pay rent for spaces that are most likely occupied by just personal belongings while some institutions are still demanding full school fees including accommodation fees,” Manyara said.

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According to him, the two clearly violate, threatens, and is contrary to the Rent Restriction Act CAP 296, Distress for rent Act CAP 293, and The Landlord and Tenant Act CAP 30.

Manyara said parents are not unable to pay rent for their huge families, buy food yet the landlords are pressing them hard to pay rent for spaces not being used by their children.

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Kenya on Thursday, February 13, the government took stringent measures aimed at combating the spread of Covid-19.

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Some of the measures included the one-meter rule, regular handwashing using soap and running water, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer as well as suspension of learning institutions across the country,


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