The government produced a quick U-turn saying President Uhuru Kenyatta had not announced a public holiday on August 26, 2019, as earlier stated.

PSCU’s earlier communication was that August 26 was designated as a public holiday to allow maximum Kenyan enumeration during the domestic population census beginning on August 24.

“I have authorized Monday, 26 August 2019 to be a public holiday in order to ensure maximum enumeration during the first two days (24 and 25 August) of the census period,” the President announced in the statement published by PSCU on the website

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Also released on the State House Kenya account was a tweet saying that “Government designates August 26 as a public holiday to facilitate domestic census.” Both the declaration and tweet have since been removed.

Hours later, PSCU sent a correction saying that it would be a public holiday for the president not to announce that August 26.

“CORRECTION. Contrary to our previous dispatch on the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census, we would like to make it clear that His Excellency the President did not announce that August 26 would be a public holiday.

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“We regret the error and wish to say that as much as the Kenya 2019 Population and Housing Census is important to the country, August 26, which will be on a Monday, will not be a public holiday.

“Our apologies for inconveniences caused by the erroneous communication” read a statement from PSCU dated Friday, August 16, 2019. 


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