The workplace can be filled with multiple personalities and how you deal with them can determine the social ease of your interaction. Being familiar with some of the common characters you might come across in a professional environment can help you better maintain your office relations. Here are some. 

The Veteran

Most established companies have one or two veterans in their departments. These are individuals who have been with the company for the longest time. They know all the ins and outs of various procedures, and can be great mentors to new employees.

Recognizing their knowledge of the company is an excellent way to develop social connections with these kind of people. Approaching them when you’re not sure about a certain process portrays your confidence in their abilities. As such, they will be more motivated to assist you in your endeavors.

The Distraction

These are the type of people always up and about the office without really doing any work. They love to talk about different topics and are keen on showing you any content not related to your job. You could lose precious time discussing your favorite sport or watching cat videos on YouTube, instead of meeting your deadlines.

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The best way to deal with these kind of people is to be direct with them should they approach. Just politely you explain you have some work to do, but you will be more than happy to talk during your free time. Soon enough they will know when and when not to approach your desk.

The Know-it-all

Some offices feature characters that believe they have attained the utmost enlightenment when it comes to everything office-related. Whether it has anything to do with their department or not, they will be quick to point out a “better” way of doing things. Most of these suggestions, however, come at no one’s urging or request.

Dealing with these types of people requires you to maintain a smile and silence during such interactions. In most cases, offering your opinion or trying to correct their views would be a waste of time. They are unlikely to change their ways and are more prone to arguments. Allowing them their freedom of speech is the best way to shorten any interaction you’re forced to endure.

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The Go-getter

This type of people are dedicated to their post and are scarcely seen idling around. They volunteer for extra projects and like to take the lead when possible. They have a strong work ethic that is usually portrayed by the long hours they spend in the office.

Acquainting yourself with such characters is a great way to boost your own effort and morale levels. Such people are likely to encourage you to work harder, as well as develop your professional attitude. Showing similar traits is the easiest way to get in their circle.


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