Twitter is back on track, and it's more essential than ever for your brand to stay on the social network for microblogging.

This is something new but interesting that twitter has decided to introduce. It is now possible to attach photos and GIFs to retweets something that was not there previously.

It was a dull retweet session where only it was possible to retweet a plain text and not attach any image on the tweet which made users raise concerns on the ability to do so.

On a tweet, Twitter addressed this by replying on tweet that previously enquired about the feature

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Twitter replying yo the concerned user who had asked last year.

However the feature is currently on Android and iOS and not in desktop where they are still looking forward to make it presentable and not to appear weird.

With this, it is believed that Twitter will be more interesting and it continues to introduce more features.

Hope it does introduce the edit option.


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