Twitter Is Not Safe Anymore, It Stores Deleted Messages

An image of the Twitter Application opening.

New concerns are heating the privacy of individuals in social media after a report that was released by  TechCrunch revealing that Twitter holds on to direct messages even when accounts are deleted, suspended nor even deactivated.

The researcher, Karan Saini, Discovered that messages in twitter in the archived folder after delete still retained messages from accounts that no longer exist, suspended nor even was deactivated.

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Security researcher Karan Saini discovered DMs on Twitter in an archived file that had previously been deleted. Twitter even retained messages from accounts that were deactivated or suspended.

Further, Saini previously found another bug that allowed him to access deleted Twitter DMs last year, but was just reported recently. That bug involved an API that has now been deprecated.

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Saini told TC that he had “concerns” about how long Twitter was storing deleted data. The publication also confirmed Saini’s findings as they found messages that had been deleted when requesting the data that Twitter keeps. That’s despite Twitter stating that an account and its data will be deleted after a 30-day grace period once a user has deactivated their account.


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