Top 5 Best Job Sites In Kenya

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The growing amount of Kenyans without work each day can be an intimidating task to get a job. In any event, work portals in Kenya attempt to simplify the work search by providing you with employment at home inconvenience. This paper contains a list of Kenya’s top real workplaces.


Jobs in Kenya have outstripped ordinary work advertising on the newspapers. While some firms still do, the majority of recruited workers have moved to internet publicity, taking many work seekers with them. These boards are locations for Kenya’s recent employment, both part-time employment in Kenya as well as full-time work. Everything that suits your requirements. The best choice to arm yourself with these workboards is when you are looking for continuous work alerts.

Due to its distinctive manner of dealing with work research, Fuzu is another undisputed top option. Not only is it a work site; it also provides a learning and development platform for work seekers. You can even take free lessons to show your skills, get work plan instruments and advice for your career growth. Since they have partnered with Accenture, Fuzu now gives your skills and abilities over 50 lessons.

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Brighter Monday

One Africa Media established this site in 2006. It has since become Kenya’s most popular work site. The percentage of job seekers and employers is highest. Here, job-seekers will discover everything they need: jobs in Kenya, curriculum vitae and business consultancy. Jobs seekers can only apply on the site, however.

You can choose categories of employment in which you most want to work. It enables fresh work alerts to be subscribed and received immediately to the box. Because of the high numbers, there is a very strong contest, so everyday alerts are a good help.

Career Point Kenya

Another of Kenya’s most popular sites. You can restrict the search to whatever work you are interested in, just like lighter Monday. With your email, you can sign up for regular alerts. Career point extends from listing employment only a little further. It also contains news and excerpts from directors of human resources. It teaches you how to manage interviews and write cover letters that attract recruiters ‘ attention. Career Point also offers connections to resources that offer the application for employment a competitive edge.

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Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja has earned the attention of jobseekers rapidly and is one of the best worksites in Kenya. This one arises with its characteristic technology-as a workplace core. Jobs from almost every other location in Kenya can be found here with connections to the list of jobs. However, Kenya Moja doesn’t require you to subscribe to updates, unlike other locations.

Recruitment Kenya

Maybe one of Kenya’s simplest work portals. It gives the work-seeker the opportunity to check for new postings and interview tips. Kenya provides four primary services: available jobs, job search hints, CV writing, and interview tips. Kenya provides four primary services. A brief preview of Kenya’s best employment and a link to the work information are available here.


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