Things You Must do After an Interview

Cell phone communication
Cell phone communication

What you do after the interview is essential and important as the interview itself. After walking out the interview room, there are things that you ought to do to make it a success, most job seekers ignore this for they don’t know what to do after that but just wait, we have analyzed things that you need to do and things that might put you ahead of the interview.

Show gratitude.

After the interview, always show how grateful you are for the opportunity, if you are not able to give a proper thank you during the session, do a follow-up mail giving the experience and how you are looking forward to being part of the company, highlight that you were able to learn a lot. This should not be more than a paragraph. This will be important as will get you on top of the mind of the employer.

Review yourself

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After the Interview, job seekers tend to forget everything that happened in the interview and forget to analyze themselves. Sit back and think about it. What worked and what didn’t work, analyze on the questions that you felt worked and how you managed to answer them, if you managed to find a tricky question do a research on it since it might come handy next time, if you were weak look into it for it will come handy.

Follow Up.

This might seem like a disturbance to the employer but it is vital, after having a discussion and the mention on the period they will give feedback. make a call and highlight on the expectation, remember this is done a couple of days after the interview results waiting period is over.

Keep Applying and if attached dont quit

One of the mistakes done by job seekers is been comfortable after the interview. Keep applying for new opportunities don’t get comfortable until you get a confirmation. If employed don’t be quick to quite or even submit a resignation letter this will be beneficial in terms of sustenance.

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Don’t Ghost other interviews

Well, this might be something rare but expected, don’t be too confident that you tend to ghost other opportunities, go for them, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. If not interested make a reply on mail thanking them on the opportunity also highlighting that you have settled. This makes you look like a professional in everything that you do. remember don’t make an announcement until the right time.


Job search is a process and waiting is part of it. this is the hardest part but it is essential, wait for the feedback.


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