Things to do when you are unemployed

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As a job seeker, whether you are a recent graduate or a professional job seeker who is job transitioning or may be laid off and you are yet to settle with a place, it is wise to keep yourself busy with something. The situation might be overwhelming and sometimes depressing due to the lack of resources and a hearing ear, before settling back here are a couple of things you might need to do.

Get Outside

When unemployed, the biggest temptation is staying indoors, you tend to spend a whole day indoors most of the time, however, for the sake of mental growth, get outside, studies have proved that take a break helps in mental development.

Be Organised

Most individuals, when laid off, they tend to forget this, it is important to have your life in the schedule for you to not to miss a mark. Try to maintain your waking up routine and even your accomplishment tasks. This will help you become effective and alert. †

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This might be a common thing but volunteer, always strive to learn a new skill through volunteer ship.

Get A Short-Term Job

If you need urgent money for upkeep, get short term jobs. This might be around the areas, either walk dogs or even babysit and help people for a short term fee. This will give you enough time to give you money and the timeline to attend interviews.

Measure Your Job Applications

Most people donít get this, what can be measured can be managed. Always have something that indicates the progress you make. For instance, 5 job application a week, 3 networking sessions, etc. this will help you become productive and well organized giving you room for improvement.

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After making an application, make sure you follow up to show interest in the position you are applying for.


This is easy, talk to people, talk to a wide range of your database in the industry, with conversations might hit to be opportunities. Do not lock yourself out of these opportunities.

 Enrol in a short-term class

This acts as a booster in your career, it gives both soft and technical skills. If there is something you can work on to improve your skills this is the best time that you are available.


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