Some mobile brands have new flagships such as Google, Apple, and Samsung. They are all vying to get attention in the market. The gadgets are also equipped with high-quality options, especially to budget smartphones. Choosing the perfect smartphone is never that challenging. A great smartphone will take you on with the best features, such as the camera. It should also let you remain informed and entertained. Moreover, the smartphone price should match its features.  It is usually hard for you to get a model that succeeds you with all counts. Besides, there is a hike in price, and therefore essential to spend your money buying a smartphone that can last. There are unique features to consider before choosing a smartphone. For detailed information on these features, consider the following.


1. Chipset

The chipset has an essential role it will play in the function of the smartphone. In some years back, people didn’t care about chipset beyond the maximum clock frequency and number of cores. Today, technology has changed many things, including chipsets. There are good chipsets, and that will cost expensive while making a purchase. For chipsets (also called System-on-Chips) includes various things besides CPU cores and processor. It also helps to define support for graphics, display resolution, camera capabilities, battery charging speeds, location locking, and connectivity.

With the latest smartphones, they come built using a single SoC and several components embedded in the single chip. For the majority of the smartphones, they use CPU architecture that has been designed using ARM. For android manufacturers, there are four major smartphone chipsets: Samsung’s Exynos chips, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon editions, and MediaTek (MT and Helio processors). On the other hand, Apple uses A-series while Huawei has Kirin chipsets. In each brand, it has chipsets for low, medium, and high-range smartphones.

2. RAM

RAM is another easy way you can look at the smartphone you’re buying. The RAM of a smartphone plays a vital multitasking function. Today, you need to avoid those handsets coming equipped with 1GB as their system memory. If you check on midtier, the smartphones with 2GB are standard and good for use. In most premium devices, you will find them coming installed with 4GB of system memory, and for ultrapreum smartphones, they are installed with 6GB. Other gadgets go higher, such that you can find 8GB RAM or more smartphone, especially those designed for gaming.

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3. Camera

Nowadays, almost every smartphone comes with a good camera. But the specifications are essential to consider. So, you need to capture great photos; get a smartphone with the best camera. With the camera, don’t mostly focus on megapixels only. Instead, you should think about the situations that you will use the smartphone camera. If it’s not for photography work, choosing a single rear-mounted camera will be suitable. Today, dual cameras are becoming common though they are more flexible.

In case you need a camera that will shoot sprawling landscapes, a device that features a telephoto/wide-angle setup will be essential. The other cameras tested to give you portrait mode are from smartphones with dual-cameras. It is easier to pick a phone depending on what favors you, depending on technical details. If the camera comes with bigger megapixels and wider aperture, the brighter pictures you will get. There are others equipped with optical image stabilization (IOS) that will negate the natural hand wobble. Such cameras make you get a more explicit photo.

4. Display

Most times, you spend more time looking at the smartphone’s screen. That makes you need to focus on one with a beautiful screen. For most people, they are considering AMOLED screens because they’re gold for standard smartphones. Besides, such screens give you vibrant colors, wide viewing angles, and deep blacks. With AMOLEDs, it will prolong the battery life because dark sections don’t display the black color. LCD screens, on the other hand, are also common with cheap devices. They are too cheap to produce. When under direct sunlight, you can easily see because the panel is backlit. Without a doubt, the screens are also becoming bigger and common. Such smartphones give you a wider screen to view more content without much scrolling.

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5. Brand

There are different smartphones, brands, and models. The biggest fault with mobile phones is related to brands such as poor battery, refusing to charge, or even losing charge easily. There are giant brands that are much reliable than others. The commonly used smartphones are gadgets from Samsung and Apple. Plenty and exciting brands are flooding the mobile market. With Samsung and Apple smartphones, there is no doubt they are ruling the roost. Even with popular mobile phones from these brands, they aren’t even the latest models. In the market, plenty of smartphone brands come with quality features such as Motorola, Huawei, Google, and more.

6. Build quality

The build quality can determine the definition of having a good or bad smartphone. In case you care about aesthetics, and built quality for a smartphone, choose a metal or glass smartphone. Picking one that offers both is also essential. In the market, you can get cheap handsets that are equipped with plastic bodies. You need to avoid them unless you’re planning to save money. The benefit of having a glass back smartphones is that it will enable wireless charging but consider whether the feature is being offered. Some smartphones come with durable and waterproof designs. For a durable phone, it comes with the water resistance feature. Others go beyond to offer you with shatterproof glass display. Such comes with Gorilla glass display. It protects the phone from the short drops.

Final verdict

If you want to choose the perfect smartphone, it feels daunting. If you have a significant concern on mobile prices and priorities, it will be a straightforward process. Besides, smartphones have become consistent with capabilities that give users numerous advantages.  It will, therefore, be hard to make the wrong decision. You need to take enough time, do in-depth research, and also seek recommendations. The right smartphone should, therefore, the balance between price and useful features. So, you need to be keen on the smartphone you choose.


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