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Being an individual from any ethnic gathering in Kenya worries about with it a concern. Regardless of whether you are a Luo, a Kikuyu, a Luhya, a Kalenjin, a Kamba, a Mjikenda or an individual from any of the forty-two ethinc bunches that structure the Kenyan country, there is typically a particular stereotyping of any of the ethnic gatherings, a circumstance that can make what I call “a weight”. It is a weight in light of the fact that the stereotyping may not have any significant bearing for some Kenyans in spite of the fact that, much of the time, the unfortunate casualties need to live with them. Under this condition, what is the weight of being a Luo? The accompanying focuses could be valid or false relying upon what you look like at them. This is anything but a blue-print yet an unpleasant guide of the stuff to be a Luo in Kenya.

In legislative issues, you are constantly blamed for supporting or being faithful to the political group of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga whose child, Raila Odinga, is as of now the focal point of gravity in Kenyan governmental issues.

In football, you are probably going to be blamed for supporting Gor Mahia Football Club named after the legendry Luo contender, Gor Mahia. Legend has it that Luanda Magere transformed into a stone after his shadow was skewered in fight following double-crossing by a lady he was given to wed by the foe. As per the legend, Gor Mahia’s mankind lay on his shadow, a mystery that was found by the lady.

As a Luo, you are probably going to be blamed for being rowdy, pleased and exhibitionistic particularly on the off chance that you buy a Benz vehicle, a plasma television or a calfskin couch set. As a Luo, you must be set up for allegations of being materialistic and pompous regardless of whether you are most certainly not. The story goes that a Luo would prefer to verify a bank credit to buy an agreeable couch set regardless of whether such a move would meddle with the kitchen spending plan. The truism goes that a Luo would prefer to sit easily on such a couch set, even on an unfilled stomach, instead of have a lot of nourishment however sitting on a tangle on the floor or a wooden stool.

As a Luo, you must be set up for allegations of being languid particularly on business related issues. Regardless of whether you crush your spirit every day to acquire a living, you will in any case need to confront the allegation of sluggishness and the avocation is that on account of this apathy, there is consistent lack of tapped water in Kisumu city in spite of the city being home to the biggest crisp water lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. Curiously, the clarification behind the clear apathy of Luos is a result of the suspicion that since all Luos are probably borne along the shores of Lake Victoria, they are progressively used to getting free fish from the lake every day than burrowing the dirt at that point trusting that months for nourishment will develop with the goal that the gathering season can precede individuals can eat. For a Luo (as indicated by this way of thinking), if there is no nourishment in the first part of the day, the Luo goes out into the lake and comes back with a lot of fish. No planting or weeding or, some of the time, trusting that the downpour will fall before planted seeds can start to develop.

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Adoring the dead “to an extreme”

Politically, a Luo will consistently confront the allegation of “needing to be in the restriction”. This allegation was conceived out of many years of political minimization by the Kenyatta, the Moi and, presently, the Kibaki government. With Luos assuming no enormous job in government, they have consistently been constrained into the restriction. Since February 2008, this allegation has decreased to some degree on the grounds that Raila Odinga, a Luo, has been the Head administrator accordingly “expelling the Luos from the resistance”. Numerous Luos more likely than not been calmed of this weight as Raila kept on playing his game in the Alliance government.

On the off chance that you are a Luo, you must be set up for being blamed for continually “being power hungry”. The clarification is that Oginga Odinga, the primary VP of Kenya, was control hungry and that this hunger for power is the thing that drove him to go separate ways with Uhuru Kenyatta’s dad, the late Mzee jomo Kenyatta. In the mid 70s, a few Kenyans attempted to arrange an upset against the Kenyatta government and a Luo was said to have driven the overthrow before he was captured. The reason was on the grounds that Luos are consistently “control hungry”.

At that point, in 1982, the administration of previous despot Daniel arap moi was really toppled for certain hours and the upset chief had been Hezekia Ochuka, a Luo. For certain Kenyans, this affirmed the observation that Luos were really control hungry for by what other means could a Luo have driven the overthrow? Ochuka was accordingly executed by Moi. Raila Odinga has needed to confront a ton of allegations of having been a key individual from the 1982 upset plotters and it was not until after the 2007 decisions that promulgation that Raila’s interest in the overthrow was because of hunger for power finished. The late Dr. Robert Ouko was supposedly executed by the Moi government since he was “control hungry”. At the season of his demise, the clarification was that Western forces were prepping him to assume control over the administration of Kenya and that when Moi caught wind of the plot, he executed Dr. Ouko.

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Any Luo strolling around the local area is typically observed as a fish monger. In the event that you are a Luo brought into the world abroad and you have never tasted fish, you just need to state that your name is “Otieno” before you are granted a “fish-monger’s” authentication.

On the off chance that you are a Luo, at that point you simply love the dead to an extreme. You have such a large number of ceremonies for the dead for no clear reason. Tero buru, a custom performed after entombment, however which is progressively getting to be out of date, remains a perpetual characteristic of the Luo individual notwithstanding for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea how Tero buru is generally directed. In Kenya, Luos are routinely blamed for transforming burial services into devouring camps, all the while, depleting the dispossessed family which, here and there, needs to butcher bulls to encourage the grievers. I don’t need to go into the weight connected to allegations of Luo men continually trying to acquire the spouses of the dead. As indicated by one problematic hypothesis, the sole motivation behind why HIV/Helps is pervasive in Luo Nyanza is on the grounds that spouse legacy is widespread in the region. This allegation has consistently been leveled in spite of absence of research to back it up.

Another weight of being a Luo is that you are constantly blamed for feeling that Luos are the most learned, clever, savvy and humanized individuals in Kenya. The idiom goes that due to this knowledge, Luo pioneers driven by Oginga Odinga, chose to arrange Kenya’s freedom with the English colonialists as Kikuyus were being executed in the shrub during the Mau war. There is no legitimacy in these allegations however at that point, on the off chance that you are a Luo, at that point you may simply need to confront them or will, in a short time, face them later on.

As a result of these stereotyping, being a Kenyan Luo isn’t simple. What is the weight of being your clan? Tell us.

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