Tesla to bring the Self Driving Taxi in 2020

A Tesla Model 3 in a showroom in Los Angeles, California, recently. Semi-autonomous driving systems such as Tesla's Autopilot require humans and robots to share the driving duties. ó Reuters

Tesla has been making advancements when it comes to the automobile industry. The company through the CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that they are ready to bring the autonomous robotaxis in 2020.

Having everything put in place, the company is only waiting for approvals which will then see the role out of the vehicles. The Taxis will operate normally and have to return home and recharge without any complications on the way.

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Having to put technology ahead, Tesla also unveiled a new Samsung chip that will be placed in every new car that the company will be unveiling.

If the project becomes a success the company will be unveiling a Million taxis within next year.


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