Omar Lali: Meet late Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend (PHOTOS)
Tecra Muigai’s Boyfriend, Omar Lali To Stay in custody 21 Days More

Police in Lamu has obtained court orders to detain Omar Lali for at least 21 days as they investigate circumstances leading to the death of Keroche Breweries heiress, Tecra Muigai.


In a ruling made on Tuesday after application by the prosecution, the court sitting in Lamu ordered that Omar Lali be detained at Lamu Police station for the next 21 days until the investigations would be complete.

The family of the suspect has protested the move saying that the order infringes on the rights of the suspect who hasn’t been found guilty of any offence. They have likened the order to approval on detention without trial by the courts. The family has questioned the impartiality of the magistrate who issued the orders.

Meanwhile, Omar Lali’s family demands that the family of Tecra Muigai stop treating Omar Lali as the fall guy when they know that he did everything within his powers to make Tecra Muigai happy and was the person who made the calls to save her life.

They are demanding that as long as Omar Lali is in detention, truth be said on everything which happened and not conjured up narratives to mask the real situation. The family has also protested at the manner in which Omar Lali is being portrayed in the media while he was an innocent man in love and just happy to be with his girlfriend.

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According to the family, Omar Lali and not anyone else called the family and coordinated the helicopter flight to pick Tecra Muigai. He traveled with Tecra to Nairobi after which he was put under police radar and driven back to Lamu where he has been under constant interrogation.

The family has also clarified that Omar Lali and Tecra Muigai were not spending a good time at his house but in the famous Lamu holiday home, Jaha House.

The two spent their days there and with Tecra continuing to mix a cocktail of whiskeys and beers to get extremely drunk and with little food, he decided to go sleep. At around 5:30 AM the next day, Omar Lali apparently heard a thud on the 9 stairs steps where he rushed and found Tecra Muigai lying on it bleeding.

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Omar Lali immediately rushed him to Shella Dispensary which couldn’t properly attend to her and referred them to King Fahad hospital in Lamu. Shella Dispensary in Lamu prescribed some antibiotics including Pabrinex which is used to cure the alcohol-related condition.


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