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DCI Evidence Reveal Tecra Muigai Was Murdered

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Has stated that there is enough evidence to prove that Tecra Muigai was murdered.

Court Comes to The Rescue of Tecra’s Boyfriend Omar Lali

Lamu Court has come to the rescue of Omar Lali, the boyfriend to the late Tecra Muigai after it declined to hold...

Here Are Beautiful Photos of Omar Lali’s Daughters

Photos of the children of Omar Lali, the man who has been detained in connection with the death of Tecra Muigai, have...

Images of Tecra Muigai Classic Send-off in Naivasha

Tecra Muigai, daughter of Keroche Breweries Chairman Joseph Karanja and CEO Tabitha Karanja was laid to rest at a private burial in...