Tabitha and Joseph Karanja in court on August 23, 2019.
Tabitha and Joseph Karanja in court on August 23, 2019.

Tabitha Karanja was published on Ksh on Friday with her husband Joseph Karanja. 10Million Ksh. Bail of 2 million, respectively.

Appearing in front of Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, on behalf of Keroche Breweries, Mrs. Karanja pleaded not guilty.

The tribunal observed that bail conditions for the couple would be distinct considering the health of Mr. Karanja.

“Joseph Karanja is paying Ksh’s money bail. In seven days, 2 million while Mrs. Karanja should pay Ksh. “Andayi’s magistrate said 10 million instantly.

Keroche Breweries, the third accused, was instructed to pay Ksh. Within seven days, 10 million money bail will fail to which all managers will be detained.

The Magistrate added that the pair are the country’s investors and no proof existed.

However, he observed that they will have to verify with the tribunal if they wish to travel and guarantee that it does not impact subsequent hearings.

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The prosecution earlier declared they would not oppose the release on bail of the couple, but asked the court to consider the Ksh. Under inquiry, 14 billion.

“Consider whether the sentence is found guilty of a fine double the tax evaded or a 10-year or both imprisonment,” said Alexander Muteti.

He also attempted to advise the court that the two should surrender their passports and not leave the jurisdiction of the tribunal.

According to him, the accused were conscious that, as they were summoned to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters, the taxman needed clarification on the matter.

“She (Mrs. Karanja) appeared before KRA and according to the letter to the tribunal, KRA came out of their manner to participate them,” added the prosecutor.

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Senior counsel James Orengo, representing Keroche, said the Ksh, though. There is a dispute of 14 billion and there is a statutory method to settle any conflict over tax demand.

The lawyer observed the business managers are assumed innocent and there was no proof presented in court indicating that the Ksh is innocent. In determining bail, 14billion shall be taken into consideration.

He also opposed the prosecution’s request to have travel documents for the couple deposit saying that it won’t be essential due to the company they operate. The lawyer also disclosed that for health reasons Mr. Karanja could not be held in custody.

The case will be mentioned on September 2 and the pre-trial hearing on September 24.


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