8 Tips To Make Your Wi-Fi Stronger
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Strengthen your Wi-Fi? With these tips, you will soon have internet everywhere in your house! There are several things you can do for a better range of your wireless internet. We have listed no fewer than eight ways to improve your Wi-Fi:

1. Place Your Router In An Optimal Location

One of the ways to improve your Wi-Fi is to tactically position your router. Choose a central location. The further away from the channel; the weaker the signal and the network speed.

Place the router as high and free as possible, for example on a cupboard. The radio rays may then have fewer obstacles. Does your router have multiple wifi antenna that you can target? Put the router upright and spread the Best Long Range Wifi Antena so that you increase the range.

Note: Electronic devices can disrupt the WiFi fi signal. Keep a distance of at least 30 cm between the devices and your router. Well-known WiFi retarders are baby monitors, alarm systems and weather stations. Switch them off if possible. 

2. Replace Your Router

Sometimes buying a new router is the only option for strengthening your wireless internet. Is your router or wife modem old? After 6 or 8 years it is due for replacement.

3. Select A Different Wi-Fi Channel

Another Wi-Fi channel can offer a larger internet range. Restart your router so that it chooses the channel that is best at that time. The modem selects from 1, 6 or 11. These channels do not overlap and have the least chance of interference.

Do you want to choose the channel on the 2.4 GHz frequency band yourself, because your neighbor is on the same channel, for example? Then change the channel. We do recommend using channel 1, 6 or 11. There are various tools and apps that you can use to determine which channel is best. For example the Wi-Fi Analyser app for Android devices and the program in SSIDer.

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4. Change The Frequency Band

Sometimes you can change the frequency band for a stronger best wifi antenna. Please note that your devices must be suitable for the other frequency band. 

The 2.4 GHz frequency band is used as standard. Can you use the 5 GHz frequency band at home? Then set your router to 5 GHz, so you can achieve higher speeds. Pay attention! Not every laptop or smartphone is suitable for the 5 Ghz frequency band.

Check if all your devices are suitable to connect to before you set this up. With a Horizon Media box, the 5 Ghz frequency band is always on. You do not have to set this yourself.

 5. Install An Access Point

An access point works together with your modem to increase the Wi-Fi range. You have to pull a cable for this. Install an access point. This is how you actually create a second modem that you can connect to.

By connecting the access point with a network cable to your Wi-Fi modem, they form a ‘team’ together. The access point gets a super-fast connection from the modem to the internet. This is then transmitted wirelessly to places where your Wi-Fi modem cannot reach.

6. Install Wifi Powerline Adapters

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Are you unable to draw a cable for an access point? Then a Wi-Fi power line adapter is the best alternative. This makes it possible to distribute internet through your sockets throughout the house.

Plug one Wi-Fi power line adapter into the socket next to your modem and a second Wi-Fi power line adapter where you want the Wi-Fi signal. Together they ensure that the internet signal is sent from A to B.

unfortunately, it may be that the signal does not arrive at the second power line adapter completely, causing the speed to drop. There is no guarantee that you will always achieve the highest speed.

7. Do Not Place A Wi-Fi Range Extender

The Wifi Antennas for Long-Range Coverage is often used to reinforce and spread the internet at home. Unfortunately, this actually makes no sense. 

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A range extender, also known as a repeater, is often sold because it is very cheap compared to other Wi-Fi points. A range extender ‘listens’ to the signals around it and sends them out again. Unfortunately, it is not a good solution. In practice, a range extender halves the <a href=”https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-tx-series-wifi-smart-wall-switches.html”>Wi-Fi speed</a> because they cannot listen and transmit at the same time.

Access points and Wi-Fi power line adapters do this. In addition, a range extender must always be placed in a place where the signal is still good. That is why this device cannot really be called a real solution.

8. Accelerate Your Computer

An old computer gives a slow internet experience. Certainly a computer with little internal memory. Upgrade this to more memory.

Make sure that the PC does not load unnecessarily many programs when starting. Think of Skype.

Also, make sure that there are not multiple virus scanners and firewalls loaded at the same time. Read More at No Fluff Tech

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