Side Hustles That Will Make You Rich in Kenya
Side Hustles That Will Make You Rich in Kenya

Life in Kenya has always not been easy as life continues to go up. Despite the economy growing according to the previous KEBS report, still one needs cash to sustain themselves. How do you manage to survive with a constant salary from the employer it is still a misery, you need to have something that you can lean on at times.

Side hustles have always been a savior. You need to have one if you in Nairobi, below is the list of the best side hustles that you can have and actually make you good money or end up as the main hustle.

  • CV and academic writing.

If you have an interest in writing, this is a good thing to earn some extra cash from, however this requires an organized person since it needs a proper format. CV writing goes for around 500-1000ksh while academic writing is gaining a lot of attention, all you need is internet and a computer to do it at free time.

  • Boda Boda Business
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This is something that people do full time but you also indulge in. A bada boda goes for around 100,000Ksh where you can get someone work as you concentrate with something else. The business makes a good income bringing a sum of 500-5000 Ksh within a day.

  • Mitumba Business

This is the selling of the second hand clothes, it does not cost much to invest as it only takes from 10000ksh to 20,000Ksh having a good profit. All you will need is the capital and someone to operate for you.

  • Blogging

This is different from CV and article writing, it is the creation of engaging content to the members of the public, It does not cost much since it all needs to establish a website which costs at around 5000Ksh also getting a domain and hosting. However, this needs patience since you will need to register to google ads or even other advertising platforms where you will be paid.

  • Baby Sitting
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This is something that has existed for sometime now, it all started manually as taking care of children in the estate, you can take care of children around for a small fee or maybe open up a professional day care for kids.

  • Freelancing

This is a direction that everybody is taking, if you possess a skill it will be wise to put yourself as a freelancer where people in need of your services can contact you. This is a comfortable source of income since you will not have any pressure.


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