Samsung Might Just Decide to introduce the Galaxy A-series in Kenya

    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)
    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)

    Rumours have it that Samsung might just decide to introduce the Galaxy A series model in Kenya before the end of the year.

    If the company proceeds with the move, this will shape the market differently since Samsung is not known for middle range devices.

    Samsunís A series line up is made up of mid-range devices which are almost similar to the Galaxy S series but slightly placed above the M series.

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    First released on September 2014, the A series host a wide variety of devices with notches like the water drops and they are the Galaxy A10, A20,A30,A50 and the A70.

    Currently having little information about the devices, they are believed to be budget friendly. We will wait until Samsung makes a clear direction on the next move on the devices.

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