Samsung Galaxy Fold Sales Out in Less than 24 Hours After Unveiling

Samsung-Galaxy-FOLD-Launched-Kenya - Image Courtesy

Retailing at Ksh230,000 ($2,300), the Samsung Galaxy Fold is — at the moment– the most expensive device on their portfolio and perhaps the most futuristic, it was unveiled for the first time in the Kenyan market on Thursday.

According to the company, it states that the device has gone out of the sale and is no longer available. It is not yet clear if this is the actual truth nor this a marketing plan they have.

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The Korean manufacturer does not say how many phones were actually available for purchase, but we doubt the number is very high. Nevertheless, some people actually paid the equivalent of $2,288/€2,000 and got a device with a 7.3” foldable Dynamic AMOLED screen and Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The phone has only one memory option – 12 GB RAM + 512 gigs of storage. There are three cameras on the back, two on the front/inside and another one above the smaller AMOLED panel that sits on the outside of the Fold. Samsung sold out the phone with model number SM-F9000 that has a big 4,380 mAh battery but lacks 5G.

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A date for the arrival of the next batch is yet to be set.


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