Samsung A50, A20 first Impressions

Both Samsung A20 and the A50 recently Launched

Recently Samsung unveiled the Samsung A20 together with the big brothers A30 and the A50. The A series brings an array of affordable devices something that was unexpected from the brand which might be a strategy to run the market which is characterised by low price and huge specifications, brand perception also playing a major role.

Despite all, the devices first appearances are that of a piece of art and not only an object of communication.  After a week of interaction with the two devices I put my thoughts together about the devices.


The two devices come with a similar water drop design which is still a new thing in the Kenyan market. They well fit with a grip despite the A20 being smaller from the looks.

The A20 came in black while the A50 in white, both having a glossy and mimics of glass backs. The A50 feels premium from the touch while the A20 somehow feels cheaper and premium at the same time.

Samsung seems to up its game when it comes to design with the A series, the curves are well placed giving a premium comfortable grip without strain. Samsung seems to work differently with the placement of the on and off buttons which are placed on the right and the headphone jack and the USB Type-C port at the bottom which not only acts as a charger but also as a headphone jack pin for the C type earphones (Will confirm on this after the comprehensive review).

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The screen is the most attractive thing you will find in both the devices, they are both laid in an artistic manner coming with a screensaver that compliments the screen. Both come with 6.4 inches (16.26 cm) bezel-less display with a waterdrop notch something that will confuse many in opting the A20 since it is cheaper but technically the A50 has 125% more pixels more than the A20.


This is something that cannot go without been discussed, the devices have those big and funny icons that many people hate but the overall interface looks great and unique and something that was well thought off. The overall UI is a legend and something new that brands need to observe.


On the back of the A50 you get a triple rear set of cameras which are 25 + 5 + 8 MP while the front holds a 25MP, this might be a downfall for Samsung since we already have products with over 45MP in the market but with the price we donít expect to complain much, on the A20 you get a double set 13 + 5 MP Dual Rear Cameras and an 8MP front camera.

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The dewdrop notch holds the front cameras, Samsung decided to make it fun where you get to fiddle with different modes including the pro version. Something cooler with the A20 is that you can configure the device to show in black and white which makes the device look like uniform and unique.

Battery life  

When the devices were delivered in the office, unfortunately they had no charger which was later sorted out, by then the A20 had 40% of charge while the A50 had 60% of charge which made it to the next day with heavy usage where the device says it intelligently monitors your activities and helps you manage power. Both the devices house the 4000 mAh battery with Fast Charging believed to relatively charge the device from 0% to over 50% in just an hour something that we will comprehensively look at.


The devices have been priced attractively, the A20 goes for 17000Ksh while the A50 goes for 30,999Ksh something that has placed Samsung on the forefront now when it comes to budget friendly devices. Both the devices are now available in the country having been launched in the previous days.


Despite the devices been on review, I would recommend the devices so far having an interest in the A50. For over a period of time Samsung have been know for there quality devices which we still expect on the A series.


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