A picture of Someone depressed.
A picture of Someone depressed.

When looking for employment, everybody wishes to work in a positive, productive and a well-fitting environment where one grows from one career to another this is a type of environment where the management values the contribution that you give.

This kind of expectations are rare to find simply because of the current environment we have in the country, there are a few companies that satisfy this, however as many job seekers explain it they have had a rough experience with employer so we put together the red flags to check on anytime you join a company.

Been In a toxic environment is one of the biggest factors to look for a job in another place below are the signs.

  • Stress.
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Work related stress is one of the most common stresses that have been discovered by researchers as one of the biggest factors that have contributed to sudden suicide. With the expected returns by the employer, they tends to push for results at any cost, this results in stressing the employees with unexpected demands thus the origin of stress.

  • Long outrageous working hours
  • Lack or inappropriate communication between seniors and juniors
  • Toxic environment
  • Unachievable KPIs

Below is a list of common sources of stress in a work place.  

  • No personal time.

This is a question that needs to be addressed, we need to define when work needs to end and when to take it home. As stipulated out work needs to end at 5pm and be able to give you time for yourself, if it doesn’t this is a red flag that might later lead to stress.

  • Limited growth
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If you have been in an environment for sometime without growth, no promotion nor anything one needs to keep focus on his/her career search. One needs to grow; however, this might be due to other factors like, working hard to achieve the promotion.

  • Poor Leadership

This is another factor that is of high contribution, people skills are important and when employers aren’t sure of what to communicate about, they tend to stress their juniors with unrealistic and poor environment in return. Bad leadership can make the juniors loose interest in an organisation.   



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