Questions to Ask an Interviewer During an Interview

An interview panel session with a boss.
An interview panel session with a boss.

When it comes to interviews, many job seekers feel like it is a do or die session. This is not the case; an interview is an opportunity where an employer gets to understand the person they intend to hire. On my end an interview is a two-way traffic, where both an employer and an employee get to interview each other and as an interviewee, one needs to ask questions to make sure you donít fall in the wrong hands. Below are the questions that one can ask.

  • What are your long term and Short-term plans for the company?
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As new person, you need to understand the long term and the short-term plans about the company, if they seem not to have a plan, it might not be the best place for you.

  • Who will I be working with in the role?

For the place, you will need to know the structure, who is reporting to who at what level, so you can understand the structure.

  • What expectations do they need from you?
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You need to understand what the company thinks about your role and what they expect, this will help to explain more on the job description, you will be able to understand what you are needed in a broader perspective.

  • What are the most admired qualities of the person in the role?

This will assist you to fall in place with the role, if it is something that you can achieve and if it is what you already possess.


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