PS5 Expected to delay till March 2020 Photo credits : Courtesy

Previously, we had announced that the PS5 might be launching before the end of the year after more details about the play station were unveiled, It is unfortunate that the long Expected PS5 will not be launching as expected this year. It might have to wait till March 31, 2020.

This is according to Hideke Yasuda of the Ace Economic Research and who had previously analysed Sony’s performance in the market.

 The PS 5 which has been long expected is expected to have advancement as compared to the previous PS $ which was expected to make a sales of 96.8 million but only did 17.8 Million as of last year, The company still hopes to make 16 Million more within this year, However it is expected that the PS 5 delay will consume a lot of resources which in return will harm the company.

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Despite this, Sony has kept their mouth mute and had not even announced the official release of the PS 5 so this we are placing it as only speculations and expect to have much as time goes.


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