The official announcement date is slated for October 19 in China.

The development has been teased for a while, which is not surprising because smartphone makers have been trying to enter the home entertainment space.

According to reliable sources, OPPO will release two TV sizes: a 55” model and a 65” variant.

These are big TVs even by modern standards, and appear to align to the demand of large TVs the world has been seeing in the recent past.

Another word has it that the two sizes will be spread across ten models, which usually means different SKUs for many markets.

Similar to the Huawei TV that was released a couple of months ago, and still stuck in its native China, OPPO TVs will be equipped with a pop-up camera. The snapper comes in handy for video conferencing. Ordinary TVs that we have come accustomed to do not have cameras at all.

There aren’t any more details about the TVs, at least for now.

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However, it is said that OPPO will name the devices as OPPO Smart TV R1 55-inch and OPPO Smart TV S1 65-inch.

The TVs will allegedly use a Quantum Dot display with 4K resolution. The displays are said to refresh at 120 Hz, which can come in handy for folks who would want to use the TVs for gaming.

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Other features include audio tuned by Bang & Olufsen.

realme, the OPPO budget offshoot that is now a standalone brand, has been in the TV market for a while, but for the budget-conscious customers in countries such as India.

Other phone makers have also jumped into the TV ship too: Nokia and OnePlus make TVs, as well as Transsion affiliated brands Infinix and Syinix.

Lastly, OPPO has a long presence in Kenya, so we are guessing it is likely the TVs will make their way here. Since it is hardly a budget proposition, we expect pricing to match the likes of LG and Samsung.


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