Why You Should Open Your CV and delete Your Age, Religion and Marital Status
Why You Should Open Your CV and delete Your Age, Religion and Marital Status"

When applying for a position in any company, it is now known that the basic requirements for an application to be accepted is a cover letter which explains your interest to the position.

The most important been your CV which almost contains all the necessary and important information. Including somewhat people refer to almost personal details like the marital status and the religion and basically everything about you, however controvacies have hit the normal CV format.

At the top of it all the CV contains your age, contact, religion and your marriage information.

There are fears of discrimination from the job seakers by which the fear is of discrimination by the employers due to this details on the CV.

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According to a tweet from the Kenya Employment Law that stated “you need to open your CV and delete your age, religion and even the marital status” has brought controvacies.

Based on this argument the Kenyan constitution on both the Article 27 and Section 5 of the Act prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, nationality, ethnic or social origin, disability, pregnancy, marital status or HIV status.

Section 5(7) of the Act provides that when discrimination has been alleged by an employee, the burden of proof shifts to the employer who must show that it did not take place.


Cases have emerged that employers have used this information to discriminate other individuals and favour people they feel appropriate as seen and experienced by the job seekers.

However, not disclosing this information in a job interview or a CV when applying might be an issue however it is advised that you understand the law and how it operates so that incase of such cases when they are arise you report them to the authority.

Structure your CV well and give the needed information according the job you are applying for.


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