How to Easily Make Money Online in Kenya
How to Easily Make Money Online in Kenya

Building a company and making cash online is no better time than now. How individuals do business has been totally converted by the internet.

Here are sites to make money from

Swagbucks Swagbucks

This is one of the finest internet money locations and one of the learners ‘ most reputable.

So if you wonder how to gain revenue from Kenya’s home, this site is one of the responses.

Mostly the site is enjoyed as learners can receive benefits using various methods such as an exclusive signup bonus.

Swagbucks does not write an academic or article website as far as services are concerned. Swagbucks performs surveys and in this respect is one of the most credible websites.

Users are rewarded in the form of vouchers, award drawings, and money after watching videos or playing matches. You are supposed to receive 70 points or SB per study.

Swagbucks is one of the easy ways to make money online in Kenya, and your earnings will continue to rise as long as you perform your surveys every day.

To boost your income, you also have the choice to complete a wide variety of deals. Each study takes about ten minutes, adding up to about £ 2.40 per hour.

Even better, you can engage more with various suppliers once you have finished your evaluation. In case a study comes up, you also get consolation points and you’re not eligible.

As the name indicates, this is one of the locations where your commitment determines your net worth.

It’s one of the locations on this list where you can get your first job rapidly and get your first paycheck in a week’s time.

The pay is a little late and the method of choice is even more strict, so make sure that your grammar is top notch and that your attention to detail is strong.

Freelancer is one of the best websites for novice authors to make cash online in Kenya. The average pay is $2 per 500 phrases, which is insanely small compared to some other websites on the list, but after a certain amount of assignments have been completed you get to progress.


Look no further than Fiverr if you’re wondering how to gain money online from home in Kenya.

For the freelancer, this website is complete bliss and has almost every task you can think of for a $5 payment.


You can write an initial article, an academic dissertation, or even record a specific song singing or reciting a poem.

All you have to do is correctly market your gig, and the cash is going to follow.


Upwork and Fiverr share one thing in common; not less than $5 is all their jobs. But the most you can get with Fiverr is $5.

Upwork can have employment that pay almost every day of the week for $100 and above and payment is always ensured.

You need to download the Upwork Team App to make it easier for the customer to set milestones and monitor your hourly payments quickly.

Upwork is the solution to your question about how to earn cash online in Kenya and possibly one of the best websites on this list to earn money on the internet; I still use it to date.


iWriter is an article writer’s heaven, or at least it used to be; iWriter was still in existence before all the article writing sites came into being.

However, there was a moment when iWriter suspended their services in Kenya claiming that IP addresses originating from the nation hacked them numerous times.

The declaration published on July 10th 2012 took many by surprise since around that moment iWriter was the most trusted website.

Kenyans were not the only nation to receive this penalty, however, nations like Latvia, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Czech Republic, and India were also prohibited from accessing iWriter facilities.

Yet their services resumed throughout the nation a few months later, and iWriter joined the ranks of simple ways to gain money online from Kenya.

Depending on the current level of your account, iWriter pays. The first rating is the Standard Level, where the range of jobs is counted in word, but the pay is diminishing.

A 150-word article just earns a dollar for you. However, you can create $10 for 1,000 words once you reach the Premium Level.

Transcribe Me

Nothing in this list answers the question of how to make easy money on the internet in Kenya than Transcribe Me. All you have to do is sign up and transcribe audio files that customers present on the website to you.

Before you start, however, you will need to finish a set of trials set to gauge your level of ability.

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If the admins of the website believe that you have what it takes to enter their websites, you will receive mail notification.

Transcribe Me has a minimum payout of $1, which implies that you can withdraw as long as your account has more than $1.

The site charges $20 an hour, but unlike your usual 60 minutes.


You can attempt to register on Postloop if you are more of an influencer of social media or strategists and article or scholarly journals are not your strong.

This site pays you to post on particular forums just as the name indicates.

After publishing the necessary data, payment is produced a few hours and the minimum payout is $5.

It is one of the legit locations in Kenya to earn cash online and does not involve much knowledge compared to their counterparts on this list.

Newlines has a minimum payout of $20 with different payout speeds but generally less than 24 hours.

The website of crowdsourced news has a timeline that updates its subjects requiring 50 to 100 phrases.

Once you click on a particular subject, the details of what the writer expects can be discovered and you can gain more cash by adding little blurbs.

The best way to make cash on this Kenya website is to keep a close eye on current events and develop a knack to writing about daily trending events.

You can rapidly create cash from the confines of your home on this website and handle your deposit, depending on your choice, to arrive after a week or a few days.

Slice the pie

Who knew that a moment would come when individuals would be paid to listen to music and rate it?

There are not many sites in Kenya to earn cash online that enable customers to gain their retention by listening to and rating music.

Slice the pie is the most popular item and pays up to 17 cents per song or less depending on the song’s promotions.

Reviewing a song takes just a few minutes of your time, and if you take the job seriously, you can make more than ten dollars each day.

Payment arrives every Tuesday and Friday and involves the completion of a minimum of $10.

Think of your first $10 as safety after entering this site; from there, you can begin earning just by listening twice a week


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