African business woman looking for workers . She is unhappy with cv of applicants and throwing crumpled papers with resume applications on table

Just as the millennial job seekers, employers have also mastered the art, it is not always about the CV and this is why it is necessary for everyone to forget everything they know about CV writing and the skills garnered in the presentation.

According to statistics, a recruiter spends approximately six seconds to be impressed by a CV and make a decision if you will be invited for an interview or not.

You may have every in check including your online presence however, recruiters have known that this can be a sourced service to make you pass the first step. You may pass the interview but do you have the strength to stand up during the interview.

In your resume you might have everything that is needed including all the volunteer work and the charity but the real resume lies in your ability to deliver the results, this should also be shown in your CV and an achiever rather than a professional. Here is the difference.

Stating that you are a detail oriented individual and a self-motivated person is impressive but not yet believable by the employers you will need to prove your worth using numbers.

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If you want to make an Impression that will be unforgettable to an employer even on your first interview you must show movements and real progress using hard data. Your results-focused resume will present a more accurate snapshot of who you are and what you can doand clear the way for others to see that too.

For example, a descriptor like Successfully trained the customer success team to improve customer communications. While the task itself sounds impressive, your CV can have more impact when you write Created 25 template responses and trained the customer success team, reducing average response time to under two hours.

The difference between the first and second descriptor is that it provides a clearer picture of the direct impact you made on the company. More so, quantifiable achievements do more than spice up your CV.

Irrespective of whether youre a new graduate or an experienced job hunter, they also tell a story about your past success, work ethic, and credibility. And for employers, that detail can make or break your chances of landing the all-important interview (not to mention the job).


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