Next iPhone Models May Come with Full Screen Touch ID
Next iPhone Models May Come with Full Screen Touch ID

iPhone might just decide to make advancements to the next years iPhone model.

According to the rumors speculated, the new 2019 models might not have many changes in terms of design despite having advancement in camera orientation as seen. The next expected model in 2020 will feature a full-screen ID which will also have several admirable changes.

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According to MacRumors report that was published last week, it cited a Barclays analyst stating that the smartphone might feature a 3D sensing rear camera, a full-screen Touch ID and OLED from LG.

The device will also feature a 5G network support, however Apple’s own 5G chips might take more than 6 years. This is according to a recent report.

“LG may become a secondary supplier of OLED displays for 2019 iPhones, with a 10-30 per cent split of orders with Samsung, ahead of Apple transitioning all of its iPhones to OLED as early as 2020,” the report added.

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It is expected that assembling is set to ramp up in the typical July-August time-frame.



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