Naivas to invest Sh170m to benefit loyal customers
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Naivas retail chain is set to spend at least 170 million kshs to expand its client loyalty program to mark a decade since its inception.

The Naivas Loyalty Card, the first of its kind in retail stores developments, was launched to its client base while the chain was in its phases of development.

The loyalty card is used by the clients overtime that they shop to collect loyalty points that can be redeemed internally for money in order to buy products in their different shops across the country.

Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Willy Kimani said the reward card was a significant part of the retail business as it supplied the company with a customer database with which it can interact directly.

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“We consider the Naivas Reward Card a saving tool for customers with which they can diligently put aside sufficient points to acquire products or groceries on a rainy day,” said Kimani.

“As part of the strategy to ramp up its versatility, the firm will be investing Ksh 170 million over the next three years,” he noted.

Naivas clients will be given double points when shopping in their chains during the census period in the celebration of marking a decade of reward card.

It has also been disclosed that the retail chain is in advance with local commercial banks and global payment platform provider Visa to construct their utility variety in a bid to add value to their client base.

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“We are working with our banking and payment partners to empower our nearly 1.2 million Naivas Reward Cardholders to redeem their points comfortably at a wider variety of outlets as well as pre-load them with funds to spend at their own convenience,” Kimani said.

He noted that as part of the tenth-anniversary celebrations, Naivas would be carrying out a series of consumer promotions geared at rewarding the cardholders.

How to obtain Naivas Card of Loyalty

  1. Present at the Customer Service Desk your National Identification Number (ID) or Passport.
  2. Your reward card will be activated and the customer service agent will continue to the store.
  3. Each buy of Ksh100 awards one point


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