Mombasa based chef Maliha Mohamed breaks Guinness World Record

Mombasa based chef Maliha Mohamed breaks Guinness World Record

Ms. Mohammed started her quest in early May 2019 to have her name immortalized in World Records ‘ Guinness Book.

The present record holder Rickey Lumpkin of California, USA, who cooked for 68 hours 30 minutes and a second in December 2018, is the 36-year-old from Mombasa.

“I’m going to look for a mixture of dishes, including local and international cuisine. I have to show what Kenya has to offer, particularly Swahili meals, “Maliha announced in May 2019.

Maliha is a self-educated cook who is presently working as a chef for a leading Mombasa-based non-governmental organization.

According to initial reports, Maliha chose a squad of 36 people to assist her to accomplish her goal.

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She operates with nine assistants in a 12-hour shift, helping her prepare recipes as she cooks in the primary kitchen region.

“The nine assistants go to rest after 12 hours and I’m joined by another nine squad. In every change, they’ll be interchanging, “she suggests.

Maliha prepared about 400 recipes, which allowed her to win.

The Guinness Book of World Records is an annually published reference book that lists world records of human accomplishments and the natural world’s extremes.

Maliha was also nominated for the 72-hour cooking challenge in 2018. She says she couldn’t get enough local economic assistance to promote her offer, though.

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“I was only able to raise Sh15,000 from friends and relatives. That wasn’t enough to allow me to cook for 72 hours. I wrote to and informed Guinness Book of my difficulties, and they let me pull out, “she says.

She requested to be featured in this year’s(2019) contest in December 2018.

“I submitted my request to Guinness Book in December, and in April this year they replied that my 75-hour offer had passed,” Maliha said.

She was supported by an organization in the business that helped supply her recipes with cooking oil and other stuff, while a gas firm decided to supply her with cooking gas.


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