It become a heated drama after potential suiters are turned away either wanting to propose to the Kenyan singer and a business lady Akothe.

As usual, she always had a way to hit back to individuals with high demands or impossible requests which sticks to be the talk of town.

This boldness seems to run in the family, despite not visible on the first borns, have mastered the art.

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For sometime now, rue who is a model and likes to take images and post them online. She has been asked a hand in marriage by individuals either jokingly or those interested in her due to her images that she portrays her beauty.

In a resent image posted by the model after some silence online, she has taken head on with an admire who asked “Nilete Ngombe Ngapi?” Only to be hit with a stopper, “Mama yangu hapendi Ngombe labda Ndege.”

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This has left conversations ongoing online portraying the exact characters of her mother.


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