persistence_of_chaos. [Image: Verge]

A laptop loaded with 6 most disruptive pieces of viruses has been officially placed on auction.

The device which is dubbed the ‘The Persistence of Chaos’, has contained the most dangerous viruses that have contained nearly $100 billion in damages worldwide while some of them are still believed to be available on air.

The Viruses have been compressed in a simple Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-inch laptop (2008), which is currently running Windows XP (Service Pack 3). The Laptop is still operational and can live stream.  

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The viruses have safely been gapped to make sure they donít spread unless disturbed or even hocking it up with any Wi-Fi.

The project has been commissioned by cyber security firm Deep Instinct and has been created by artist Guo O Dong. Bidding for the laptop has already crossed $1.2 million in a private auction, although anyone can bid on it online.


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