Residents of Nyeri were scrambling to get elephant meat on Saturday after finding the animal dead in Kieni region.

Armed with knives and a machete, the head, and sections of the abdomen were cut off.

Some photographed the dead elephant while waiting for their share of elephant meat in bated breath.

It is alleged that on Saturday at 2 am the mammal attempted to break into one Richard Ngari’s compound. However, after pressing the electric fence at home in Ragati, Gakawa ward, it was electrocuted to death.

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Ngari informed reporters that after enhanced instances of human-wildlife conflict in the region, he decided to erect the electric fence. Moments later, representatives from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) came to the scene and instructed the inhabitants to stop cutting the animal.

They burned the remains and warned inhabitants against consuming non-human consumption game meat. However, Irate citizens tipped off the authorities of the KWS and vowed to continue killing elephants as a threat.

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