KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua Bans playing 'Wamlambez' and 'Tetema' songs in Public
KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua Bans playing 'Wamlambez' and 'Tetema' songs in Public

Recently, Kenya has seen a continuous flow of music from the new generation. This new songs stimulating sexual affairs in public.

For instance, the new singing group Sailors, is famous for the new song Wamlambez, which has become a very catchy term amongst individuals.

This has not gone well with the watch dog, KFCB boss Mr. Ezekiel Mutual who in a tweet today that was spotted by Kenyan Times, the chairman has ordered the two songs not to played outside clubs.

He went further to state that the song has been picked by politicians who are dancing to it in public. He quoted to say,

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“The lyrics of the two songs are fully sexual and they are not good mostly to children.”

This move comes after a ban of a new music hit “Takataka” by a Kenyan musician who sang after a heartbreak.

What is your thought regarding this?

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