Key Things to Research Before an Interview to Secure the Job

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Having a job interview might be good news yet the most intimidating, most of the job seekers tend to panic and not even aware of the next move they should take in this.

This is the best time to put your research skills on test, you will need to research your current employer in order to have a clear idea of who you are dealing with, this does not only give you an idea of the company but also gives you an opportunity to decide what you exactly want as a candidate. This also enhances the chances of you securing the job. †

The question now is what exactly are you looking for and what are you intending to research on. This are the research areas before any other search and before the interview.

  • The organizationís products, services, and clients
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If the potential employer is a consumer-oriented business having an aim in selling products, you need to have comprehensive knowledge on who you are dealing with, this will help you understand the tasks at hand and even more on what the company is handling and how.

This will position as more knowledgeable among other job seekers.   

  • The employerís core values, mission, and corporate culture

According to a Millennial Branding study, well over 40% of Human Resource professionals agree that cultural fit is a very vital attribute that a candidate should possess if they are to stand out in the recruitment process. Look at the organizationís website and research on the stated mission and values. Following the company on its social media platforms is also a great way of getting to know more about and appreciating its culture.

  • The experience and competencies most valued by the employer
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You will need to make sure that you attain 80% of competences needed by the employer.

Do a scrutinize of the employer requirements to make sure that meet them in order to put you ahead that you will understand the JD. †


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