Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo. PHOTO | Tarrant County, Texas, Sheriff's Office
Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo. PHOTO | Tarrant County, Texas, Sheriff's Office

A Texas Kenyan man was sentenced to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting an elderly patient, said the Dallas News.

This comes just months after another man from Kenya was accused of killing 11 elderly women in Texas.

Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo was discovered guilty on Thursday of raping a female aged 74.

“After the assault, nurses caring for the patient found blood in her underwear. An exam found evidence of vaginal tearing consistent with sexual abuse, and staff recovered DNA during a sexual assault exam that was eventually used to tie Nyakeo to the assault,” the district attorney’s office told Dallas News.

The act is said to have been undertaken in January 2018 by Nyakeo, who worked as a nursing assistant at the Woodridge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Grapevine. The ailing victim died later that year; Alzheimer’s disease had affected her.

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During the trial, the court was told that Nyakeo committed the ugly act despite understanding that because of her mental illness the lady was unable to consent to sex or withstand his advances.

“She couldn’t talk, feed herself, or use the bathroom alone as she wore a diaper and depended on employees,” said Jordan Rolfe, the court’s lead prosecutor.

“I just gave her a shower and brought her to the restaurant,” he said.

His classmate who testified against him said she instantly suspected a sexual assault after she saw the situation the lady was.

“You don’t see it happening every day, particularly to an elderly woman of that era, at least not to my understanding,” he said.

Prosecutors also wrote in court papers that during the inquiry, Nyakeo also sexually harassed his coworkers and tried to leave Texas.

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“He advised his friends and former colleagues during the trial to lie on his behalf,” they were cited in court papers.

Prosecutor Jordan Rolfe informed the jury in the closing arguments that Nyakeo deserved to be in jail for doing the undeniable.

“We are an aging community and each one of us deserves the peace of mind to know that when that time comes we will be treated with dignity,” he said.

“The accused infringed that right, and this kind of violence against the vulnerable will not be tolerated here by the jury with their sentence,” he added.

All the people working at the institution were told to give their DNA samples, according to the office of the Tarrant County District Attorney. Nyakeo’s is the only sample from the elderly woman that matched the one retrieved.


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