Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) records slow development in the past financial year.
Times Tower Building, KRA offices in Nairobi. Picture: Media Max

Kenya Revenue Authority has raised a red flag to the online traders notifying them to file their returns or be on the wrong side of the law.

Upon discovery, the institution has identified that online traders are the majority of Kenyans who dont pay taxes neither do they bother to file their returns. The notice has also stated that been an online vendor does not exclude any individual from paying taxes.  

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 “Taxpayers whose annual taxable turnover is Sh5 million and above should register for VAT obligation and charge tax, while those whose turnover is below Sh5 million should pay presumptive tax,” the notice from KRA stated.

“KRA would therefore like to remind the taxpayers that the self-assessment regime requires them to file and pay taxes which may include; VAT, excise duty, withholding tax, PAYE, corporate taxes and any other tax obligation required under the business.

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It has also stated that despite the issue been not well informed to online traders it is now available to discuss the matter on May 17th from 8:30 am to 11:00 am where it will be having a forum at Hilton hotel on the matter.


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